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Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of coaching people of all ages from all walks of life in a variety of personal career roles. I have mentored hundreds of women and men, coaching them through all kinds of hurdles and helping them find the courage and tools within needed to make the transformation to the best version of themselves.


This work includes mentoring sales and customer support teams, motivating people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle as the owner of Readiness Fitness and through my work as a Personal Trainer and Spartan SGX Coach. Two years ago I also became a Certified Personal Transformation Coach and have been working with clients to create their best possible life.

Over the past year I have realized that there is a BIG disconnect in the health and fitness industry. I have realized that people struggle to lose weight and eat healthy because they have so many internal issues going on.


My most successful clients have been the ones that began working on their INSIDE (mental and emotional well-being) while working on the OUTSIDE (physical appearance). After all, it doesn't matter how good you look on the outside if you are a mess on the inside! 

I have watched people walk out of my fitness studio, without signing up, because they are too scared, too intimidated, to overwhelmed with the whole process - because something on the inside is telling them they are not ready, telling them they cannot do this because ________ (insert reason). 

My goal in life, my passion, my desire is to help as many people as possible live their best possible life. So it bothered me greatly that I wasn't giving these people what they needed MOST.  Yes they need to exercise, yes they need to eat better, but more importantly they need guidance and support to work on their self-awareness. They need help to change their mindset, to overcome personal obstacles and they need support, encouragement and motivation to get them to a place where they can then feel comfortable in a gym environment (and all environments for that matter).

I cannot tell you how many times people have said to me, "I need to lose weight before I come here" or "I am too big to do this" or "I am too out of shape, I will die!"  No matter what I would say, it wasn't enough to get them over that personal obstacle.  

I wasn't doing enough. I knew I could do more. I knew I could make a difference in their lives. I just had to figure out how.

Over the past few months I have been developing a new online offering that allows me to bring both of my passions  (businesses) together to help even more people transform their lives through nutrition, fitness and self-awareness, no matter where they live. No matter there age, shape, size or fitness level.